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.SapirSprint LTD

Is a leading company in the Galilee for label industry
The company produces a very wide range of label rolls printed using the most advanced printing methods in the world, for many companies in the In the

industry, specializing in the high-tech and electronics industries

SapirSprint Ltd." is your home in the field of label printing"
The company prints labels in rolls on a wide variety of raw materials
Using methods and techniques

Print the world's leading and most advanced
The variety of raw materials and printing methods
The diversity allows
Company to grant
Professional and quality response
Lots of needs
Unique of
Our broad clientele, all under one roof.

Sapphire Sprint is a licensed supplier of 3M World
And holds its standard of the world's most stringent character. The regulatory approvals allow the company to provide
Stickers for a variety of industries in the economy and is also a licensed supplier of the Ministry of Defense.
The company is also authorized to supply labels in rolls to clients in the medical field in Israel and abroad.
​Sapphire Sprint Ltd." will give you a huge variety of options
And solutions for making sticker rolls, all with professional and courteous service,
And under one roof.

We would love for you to contact us  :)

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3M  Authorized label distributor 

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